We are Rebecca and George and we are very grateful that you are visiting our adoption website. 

We are committed to offering your child a life full of laughter, new opportunities and adventure.  We will honor your child's adoption story. We value the decision you are making for your child and look forward to building a connection with you. 

One of the reasons we feel so positively about adoption is because George was adopted. 

We have many friends and family that have built their family through adoption.  We believe this will help us be a stronger family for your child.  We have learned so much from our friends who are parents through adoption and will continue to lean on them for support and celebrate all the wonderful things that adoption will bring to our family.  We promise to raise your child in an environment where he/she will have close friends who have also been adopted.    

We hope this website provides you with an idea of who we are, how we live and our family beliefs

Our story begins in February 2002, when we met for the first time. Over time our connection grew strong through so many shared interests; our love for college sports, our relationships with our families, desire to see new places, a love for music, and so many "little things".  

We were married in November 2004 in Rebecca's hometown in New Jersey. We currently live in a small town in Virginia. 

Today we still enjoy all the reasons we fell in love, but as we grow together and build our family, we realize it's the little things that matter most. We will continue to teach your child to value the little things that make life so wonderful.  

We've listed our favorite "little things" under "Family Life"

We had our first (and not our last!) trip to Disney World in 2011. 

It was fun for the whole family. 

We got to meet all the characters. 

Flick from "A Bug's Life" was a favorite for us all.  We look forward to returning to Disney World as a family of four!

Would you like to connect?  

Call or email us, we'd love to hear about you!

[email protected]

In 2007, after using fertility treatments, we were blessed with our son Robbie.  Our desire to continue to grow our family has lead us down the adoption path.  We look forward to providing your child with a loving and supportive home and a big brother who is ready to share his love...and his Legos! 

We went on the ride "It's a Small World" three times in a row! Disney Trip 2011. 

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